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Issuance of OSU ID Cards

Currently, the cost for a replacement OSU ID is $20.00. Students and active OSU employees receive their first OSU ID card at no cost. Cards damaged through normal use will continue to be replaced at no charge, if the damaged card is returned to ID Services.
Individuals who are not regular faculty/staff as evidenced by an active assignment in the OSU HR system or a student not enrolled in credit classes will be charged $20.00 for each OSU ID card they receive. ID Services receives central administration funding to defray a portion of the cost of the first ID issued to employees and on-campus degree seeking students. ID production costs for all others must be charged at a rate determined by current Cost Accounting Standards.
Individuals who are neither students nor current or retired employees of Oklahoma State University may be eligible to receive an OSU ID Card as long as they are "affiliated" with the University through a sponsoring department. The card cost can be paid by the individual through their BRS account or by the sponsoring department through Campus Vendor. Affiliate cards are active for one year from the date of issuance, and can be reactivated at any time for up to a year by written request from the sponsoring department.
To receive an Affiliate ID card, individuals must provide an Affiliate Service Request form signed by the sponsoring Dean or Department Head.
International Visitors must register through International Students and Scholars to receive an ID card.
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