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Oklahoma State University

Access to Central Computing Complex


*Note: Information Technology Policies are in the process of
review and will be updated throughout the year*  


1.0 Purpose

This document establishes the operational standard and procedures governing access to the Division of Information Technology (IT) central computing complex of Oklahoma State University (OSU). This document is a required part of the Security policy. Physical access control and procedures as outlined in this document apply to all persons, (including employees, guests, vendors, maintenance and repair personnel, etc.) who may have occasion or necessity to enter the central computing complex and its associated environs.

The standard contains both requirements, indicated by use of the word "must" in sentences appearing in italics, and recommended safeguards, indicated by use of the word "should."


2.0 Control of Entry/Exit to Complex – Employees

2.1 Routine Entry/Exit to Complex - Employees

IT employees, who need routine access to MS011, as a requirement of their proper job role will be added to the card swipe/access control list. Mike Bode or Gary Kearns, IT Operations, will make the necessary arrangements for central complex employee access when a request is received from the employee's Director.

2.2 Supplemental Security Log

A Security Log (Log) document will be established and maintained to record the entry and exit of individuals into the central computing complex. This Log will be a supplement to the electronic logging accomplished through the use of card swipe controlled doorways in the complex.

2.3 Standard Operating Procedure for Entry/Exit to Central Complex

All IT employees desiring access to MS011 (Operations, Machine Room, etc.) must use the ID-card readers when entering and exiting the premises. Each employee must swipe his/her card individually. NO PIGGY-BACKING OR GROUP-ENTRY WILL BE ALLOWED.

2.4 Access without Proper Identification/Issuance of Temporary ID

Any employee not in possession of the proper identification must fill out a Security Log entry and will be issued a temporary ID badge before being admitted; the Log must be updated and the badge surrendered before the employee will be allowed to exit.


3.0 Control of Entry/Exit to Complex – Non Employees

3.1 Guests and other Authorized Access

All guests (including tour participants), vendors and technicians/repairmen will be required to complete the Log and be accompanied by an IT employee before being issued a badge and admitted. Once issued a badge, these individuals may re-enter and exit, with assistance from IT Operations employees, as often as necessary in order to complete their tasks. Final exit procedures are identical to those for IT employees without IDs.


4.0 Enforcement

Any employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

5.0 Definitions

Term Definition

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6.0 Revision History