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Oklahoma State University

Student Telephone Policy

*Note: Information Technology Policies are in the process of
review and will be updated throughout the year* 


Administrative Organization

The Oklahoma State University IT Telecommunications Department has been organized to administer and operate the University telephone system.


Operating Policy - Residential Rooms

IT Telecommunications will provide digital telephone service and/or optional packages to student housing residents by request only. Residents may view current service rates and sign up for service at


  • Optional service packages
  • Voice Mail
  • Long distance service


User Responsibility

Students are required to maintain the telephone in a reasonable manner. Damage to the telephone that is beyond normal usage expectations will be billed to the student's account.
Students are expected to report all problems encountered with the telephone to IT Telecommunications at or the IT Telecommunications business office at 744-7174.
Students will maintain total responsibility for proper use of and for all calls made from their assigned telephone.
Students are expected to return the phone instrument to IT Telecommunications and request disconnection of service when they are ready to move out of their Residential Life Room.



All monthly billing for basic service, long distance and/or optional packages will be applied to a resident's Bursar account.
In the case of long distance service, the following applies:

  • Residents will be assigned an Account Code and will be responsible for all calls charged to that account code until the he or she personally cancels the account code. The only exceptions to this are outlined under the heading "Fraud".

Any questions or requests for credit will be accepted only during the current billing cycle. This allows 30 days from receipt of the monthly bill to address any questions or to submit requests for credit.
The failure to pay for properly billed services will be handled in accordance with current university policy, including the potential disconnection of service and/or disciplinary action.



Fraudulent use of the telephone system, either real or attempted, will be referred to the Oklahoma State University Police Department and/or the Office of Student Conduct where the following actions may occur:

  • An investigation will be conducted to determine all details related to the incident.
  • Where fraudulent use is real, i.e., calls were made in a manner attempting to escape payment, restitution to IT Telecommunications will include an administrative charge, which could up to double the amount of the proper charge for the call(s).
  • The illegal acceptance of collect calls or the improper use of third party billing is considered fraudulent and will be handled as such.
  • Where proof exists that fraudulent use is attempted, i.e., proof that repeated attempts were made to find Account Codes or Authorization Codes that would be accepted by the system thereby allowing fraudulent calls to be completed, such attempts will be considered a violation.

In all cases, the following action(s) may also be taken:

  • The resident may lose all rights to telephone services for a specified length of time, i.e., the remainder of the current school year.
  • If circumstances warrant, the Office of Student Conduct can take action to suspend or expel a student.
  • The Oklahoma State University Police Department will determine whether criminal charges need to be brought against any resident found to be a fraudulent user of the telecommunication system.