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Heath Hodge

Heath Hodges

CIO for the A&Ms


Heath has worked approximately 18 years in IT and Higher Education with experience ranging from IT leadership at two-year community colleges to four-year universities. He joined OSU as the A&M CIO in 2017 where he currently supports four institutions within the OSU/A&M System: Connors State College, Langston University, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, and Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Prior to this, he served elsewhere in the OSU/A&M System as the Director of IT/IR at Connors State College for 13 years. His academic background is also rooted in the OSU/A&M System where he received his A.S. in General Studies from Connors State College in 2002, his B.S. in Computer Science from OSU in 2004, and his M.S. in Telecommunications Management in 2007. He has participated in multi-campus ERP deployments, coordinated multi-institutional system purchases and system deployments, and currently works with OSU IT to improve the OSU/A&M System as a whole through collaboration and coordination.


Areas of interest and growth:

  • IT security

  • Software development and automation

  • Cloud-hosting and virtualization

  • Data-driven decision making

  • Artificial intelligence

Current projects:

  • EDUROAM Deployment at all A&Ms

  • Domain Migration at Langston University

  • CRM selection for Connors State College, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, and Oklahoma Panhandle State University


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