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Oklahoma State University

Individual Online File Storage – Employees


Employees have two sources of file storage. OneDrive is a feature of Microsoft® Office 365™. University servers provide home drives for personal documents.


Employees get one terabyte (TB) of file storage space in OneDrive, a feature of Microsoft® Office 365™. The space is in the cloud and it accessed through File Explorer or via the web through the Cowboy Mail ( 

Employees also get 500 MB of personal network drive space, referred to as your “Home Drive”. You can access it from an office computer or, when off campus, through Virtual Private Network (VPN).



Getting Started

OneDrive: To access OneDrive, go to File Explorer (PC) or in Finder (Mac). You should see it in the file list. The other way to get into your OneDrive is by going to Sign in using your O-Key credentials. Click the Applications icon in the right of the tool bar and select OneDrive.

Home Drive:

Open File Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac). Look for the home drive folder – often designated as the H: drive.