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Oklahoma State University

Remote Access


Remote access refers to the methods for connecting off-campus computers and devices to computer and devices that are on the OSU network. To be able to make a remote connection, users must have access authorization to the on-campus computers and/or devices.


TS Gateway: TS Gateway is a connection technology that goes through the internet. Users can connect by using internet-connected Windows-based devices only.

Remote Access: Remote access establishes a connection with Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client software. Users install this software on the off-campus computer to set up an AnyConnect secure encrypted connection to on-campus resources.

Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network (VPN): Site-to-site VPN is the system used to transfer data securely between OSU-Stillwater and the nine other OSU-associated campuses.



Getting Started

TS Gateway: To set up a TS Gateway connection, follow these instructions.

Remote Access: To set up client remote access to reach your on-campus computer, use these instructions.