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Modifying a Windows computer so remote access is enabled requires Administrator access. If you do not have access contact your departmental IT group. This step must be completed while you are at your work computer.

  1. Click the Windows button and click "Settings." 
    Windows Start Menu
  2. In Windows Settings select "System", then "Remote Desktop."
    Windows 10 System settings icon
  3. Click the button for "Enable Remote Desktop" and ensure that it is set to "On." It will ask if you'd like to make these changes, select Confirm. If you can't enable access, contact your department's IT to assist enabling this feature.
    Remote Desktop - Remote Desktop lets you connect to and control this PC from a remote device using a Remote Desktop client (available for Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS). you'll be able to work from another device as if you were working directly on this PC.
  4. After enabling Remote Desktop, farther down will be the section "How to connect to this PC." Write down the PC name listed under here. You will need this later when connected from an external device.
    How to connect to this PC. Use this PC name to connect from your device...
  5. Next, select "Power & Sleep" from the menu on the left. Under Sleep settings, change the settings to Never. If this setting is not changed and your PC is asleep, you will be unable to access it.
    Sleep. PC goes to sleep after. Option selected Never.
  6. You will also need your PC's IP address. In order to do this, use the Windows Search bar and type CMD. Click the App.
    Opening a command prompt through the Windows Start menu.
  7. Once the app opens, type “ipconfig” and hit enter. Locate the IPv4 Address value and write that down in addition to the Host Name you took note of previously. This can be used in place of Host Name if you’re having difficulties connecting.
    Windows CMD showing the output of the ipconfig command.
  8. After completing these steps on your Office PC, you can now access it remotely. Be sure to keep your information from steps #4 and #7.
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