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To give access to the OSU Guest Wireless network please use the following instructions.

  • Open a web browser (such as MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc). 
  • Navigate to  Use the Wireless Guest main page to create a New Event.
  • Click on the New Event link on the left-hand side of the home/main page. 

guest wirless admin main page

  • In the New Event page, fill in the required fields.  Required fields are designated with a red asterisk (*).  Click the Submit button after the fields are filled in.

guest wireless new event unfilled page

  • In the next page, you can use a mobile device camera to read the Registration QR Code, print or download the registration file, or copy the direct registration link and paste it into a new tab of your web browser.

wireless guest registration pistol pete page

  • The next page that opens should be the Account Creation Page. 

wireless guest account creation page

  • In the Account Creation page, fill in the required fields with the information of the user you are creating the Guest Wireless event for.  Click the “I agree to the Appropriate Use Policy" check box after reviewing the policy.  Click the Next button. wireless guest registrationpage filled out pistol pete
  • A confirmation page will create, and a verification code email will send to the email address you put in the account creation page.  Navigate to the email address the confirmation email sent to.  Copy and paste the verification code into the confirmation page.  You may hand type the verification code in if you wish.  NOTE: The Verification Code is case sensitive.  If you copy the code, Do Not copy to the right or left of the code…only copy the code. 

wireless guest verification code page

  • Once the code is satisfactorily entered in, click the Verify button.  The OSUGUEST Credentials page will generate.  Give those credentials to anyone that will be in the event so they can sign into the OSUGUEST WIFI network. wireless guest credentials page pistol pete
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