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A Sponsored Guest Wireless Access account is used to grant wireless internet access to guests who visit the campus.   


Getting Started:

To request the ability to grant Sponsored Guest Wireless Access please contact your departmental IT Coordinator (ITC), who will submit the request to the OSU IT Helpdesk at: Phone 405-744-4357 or Email:


To create a Sponsored Guest Wireless Access account you may do the following: 


  • Log into your Orange Key Account @  
  • Click on the Sponsored Guest Wireless Access link on the left hand side of the page. sponsored guest accunt link osu
  • Click on the Create Sponsored Guest Wireless Access Account or Multiple link. Create links page
  • Enter information into the fields of the next page.  Required information (first name, last name, date info) not entered or entered incorrectly will cause a red error to show up informing you of the information needed.  sponsored guest account create form page
  • Begin Date cannot be more than one month in the future.  End Date cannot be more than 180 days after the begin date.   sponsored guest account create date error page
  • Once the create form is filled out correctly, including name, description, and date information, click on the Validate button.  Read the next (Confirmation) page.  sponsored guest account confirmation page
  • If all looks good, click on the Create Service Account button.
  • Print this page and give to the guest that the account is being created for.   sponsored guest account print page
  • After printing the confirmation page, click the Managing Sponsored Guest Wireless Access link.back to managing account page link
  • You may choose an account by clicking in the radio button to the left of that account and use the View Account button to see an account and manipulate that account.sponsored guest account view account page
  • In a chosen account you may extend the end date formatted mm/dd/yyyy.      sponsored guest account extend end date page


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