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Being aware of cyber security is as important as remembering to lock your front door at night. Locking the front door is obvious - because you can see the physical door and the neighborhood. You tend to be suspicious of noises or lights or shadows.

Locking all the "doors" in your cyber environment is just as important. Intruders can break into your computer and devices and steal maybe  more than those who break into your house. Yet, the doors that are online, at each website where you sign in, and having weaknesses in the "door" strength are not as obvious to us. We cannot see them readily as we do a physical door.

Below are some tips about what to look for - finding the doors that need locking - and recommendations on what kinds of locks - (authentication methods) - to keep your cyber life secure. In addition, we will point out aspects of the cyber neighborhood where you need to be extra cautious to be sure you are not leaving the cyber doors open, unlocked, or giving thieves the keys to your important valuables - your data and your identity.


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