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  • To create a Data Release request you will first log into using your OSU account credentials.
  • You will then want to click on the Create Request link.  Doing so will open a form for you.  

 Create Data Release image.

  • Fill out all required fields and click the Next button.  On each page, please fill out all required fields.  Click the Next button on each page to get to the next page.
  • On the review page, review the request.  When the request is filled out to your satisfaction, click the Submit button.  Warning: Once submitted, requests enter the approval process.  Submitted requests cannot be edited. 
  • After the request is submitted, you should see the following message, “Your data request has been submitted.  You will be notified when the request has been approved.”   The email address that you entered in the E-Mail field(s) should receive a notification email.  NOTE: When creating the request, you may enter no more than one “additional” Data Recipient.  
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