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Firewalls are designed to limit network traffic and prevent unauthorized access to a private network. OSU Information Technology provides and maintains firewall services for devices on the campus network to ensure protection from internal and external threats while permitting outward communication.


Firewall Request Form


If you are unsure of the information listed for current firewall exception(s) or require further information regarding the port(s) listed on the exception, the IT Security group provides assistance with obtaining this information. Please complete out the form below; the form will auto-create a ticket for you, you will receive an email confirmation with your ticket number and request when the ticket is created. Your request will be reviewed by the IT Security group, and you will be contacted promptly.


Request Firewall Consultation



  • How do I submit a Firewall Request?

    How do I submit a Firewall Request?

    1. Visit the Firewall Request Form. You will be prompted to login with your O-Key Account credentials and authenticate through Multifactor Authentication (MFA). 
    2. Start a support ticket by using this link: Request Help
      1. Provide the following information in the Issue field:
        1. Source IPv4 Address or Hostname
        2. Destination IPv4 Address or Hostname
        3. Destination Port Number
  • How do I determine the data classification for my request? 
    There are different types of data OSU is held responsible for. Please use the definitions below to determine the data classification for your request:
    • Confidential/Regulated - Data protected specifically by federal, state, or OSU rules and regulations (ex. FERPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, U.S Export Controlled information, Board of Regents policies, etc.) and/or data which includes information which requires protection under contractual agreements (ex. Non-Disclosure Agreements, various Memoranda of Understanding, Granting or Funding Agents Agreements, etc.)
    • Internal - Data available for release under appropriate mechanisms in a controlled and lawful manner, or
    • Public - Data available without requirements for confidentiality, integrity, or availability. 
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