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Photo submissions should be made through the website or through the GET Mobile application. All photo submissions will need to meet the below requirements. Photo submissions should look like a state or government issued ID. Please see the requirements below.


  • Use sharp and clearly visible well-lit photos. Do not use blurry or pixelated photos

  • Use bright, uniform, and plain backgrounds with no patterns

  • Use original digital color photos with no touch-ups, filters, or any alterations or edits

  • Head must be centered in the photo, framed from above the top of the head to the collarbone

  • Shoulders and face must be squarely facing the camera (Side profile photos are not accepted)

  • Use a neutral facial expression or a natural smile, with both eyes open

  • Skin tone, eye, and hair color should be reproduced accurately, with proper exposure and no shadows

  • No glare from glasses

  • No hats, garments, accessories, or other items that obstruct the face or head. This excludes religious or medical purposes. In such cases those items must not obscure any facial features

  • No additional individuals, pets, or other objects should be included in the photo

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