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The Duo Mobile app from Duo Security can be downloaded for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone devices through the respective device’s app store. When searching for the app, use the text “Duo Mobile” and then select to download and install the app.


  1. In the App Store or Play Store of your mobile device (iPhone, Android, Windows or Other phone, or a tablet), use the text “Duo Mobile” to search for the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device.

  2. When the app store search locates Duo Mobile (the one with a green icon with DUO written inside it) select Duo Mobile.

  3. On the next screen click on the Install button to install the app.

  4. Once the app is installed click on the open button.

  5. The first time you open the app on your mobile device a screen will appear that says Add Account.

  6. Click on Add Account.

  7. You will be given the opportunity to allow the use of your devices’ camera to take pictures and record video.

  8. Click allow.

On a PC or MAC computer, log into the online Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Portal page at using your O-Key credentials and follow the instructions to add devices. After you have added mobile devices to the MFA portal, follow the below directions:


  1. Click on the device options button of a device you wish to activate or reactivate.

  2. If you have never activated a device you should see a button called Activate Duo Mobile. If you have activated the device before you should see a button called Reactivate Duo Mobile. Click the button that will allow you to activate or reactivate Duo Mobile.

  3. On the next page click the radio button of the type of device you are activating or reactivating.

  4. Click the Continue button.

  5. The next screen gives instructions on how to install the Duo Mobile app on your device.

  6. If you already have Duo Mobile installed on your mobile device you can click on the button entitled (I have Duo Mobile installed).

  7. On the next page you should see a QR code. On your mobile device open the DUO app and scan the QR code using the device camera.

    1. NOTE: If for some reason you cannot use the device camera to scan the provided QR Code, in the MFA portal page, you may click on the link entitled (Or, have an activation link emailed to you instead). Duo will allow you to send an Activation Email to an email address of your choice

  8. Once you have activated or reactivated your device to the MFA portal you will be able to use the device to authorize authentication attempts.

NOTE: OSU IT Helpdesk suggests that you set up more than one device (Cellphone, Landline, Tablet) to allow for added flexibility when attaining an authorization Push, Call, or Passcode.

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