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Employees of OSU can edit contact information within their OSU account in the Edit Contact Information page.


  1. Log in to your institution's IDMS: 

  2. Log into your personal OSU IDMS account.

  3. Click on the Edit Contact Information link on the left hand side.

    screenshot showing the form where you edit your contact information

  4. Manipulate your contact information as you wish.

  5. Save your changes.



Students change their contact information in the Banner system.


  1. Log in to your institutions IDMS: 

  2. Click on the Self Service button.

  3. Select the "Personal Information" tab.

  4. Click "Update Addresses and Phones".

    screenshot showing the form where students edit their contact information

  5. On the Permanent Physical, Billing, and or Mailing Address, click on the 'Current' link (Address) and or the 'Primary' link (Phone).

  6. Update the information on the page.

  7. Save your changes.

Please note that it will take at least 30 minutes for your change(s) to update in your OSU account page.  The HR Use Only address and number cannot be changed in the Update Addresses and Phones page.  HR must change that information in their system. 

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