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To connect an Orange Mail account to Outlook, you will first have to opt to “Allow less secure apps” and enable IMAP for your account.

  1. In a web browser navigate to

  2. Enter your O-Key credentials to login to your Orange Mail account

  3. Click the Orange Mail account icon in the top-right corner and select “Manage your Google Account.”Manage Your Google Account

  4. From the left pane select “Security”.

  5. Locate the section “Less secure app access” and click on “Turn on access (not recommended)”Account Security. Less Secure App Access

  6. Toggle the switch labeled “Allow less secure apps:” to “ON”Allow less secure apps: ON

  7. Navigate to your Orange Mail mailbox. You may use the “Google Apps” 9 dot grid icon and then select Gmail.Google Apps -> GmailGmail Settings

  8. Navigate to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”. Make sure the button by “Enable IMAP” is selected. Click the “Save Changes” button.Status: IMAP radio button is disabled
  9. In Outlook, open the File menu by clicking “File” at the top left of the client.Outlook File menu

  10. Click the “Add Account” button.Outlook Info Add account button

  11. Add your email address in the textbox. Click “Advanced Options” and check the box for “Let me set up my account manually”Outlook login page

  12. Click the icon for “Google”.Outlook Advanced setup. Google Selected

  13. In the IMAP Account Setting window enter the following settings:

    Incoming Mail


    Port: 993

    Encryption Method: SSL/TLS

    Check “Require logon using SPA”


    Outgoing Mail


    Port: 587

    Encryption Method: STARTTLS

    Check “Require logon using SPA”IMAP Account Settings.

  14. For the password you will need to use your Orange Mail Vendor password. Log in to From your profile, click the “Orange Mail” link on the left side of the screen. Enter the Vendor Password from this screen into the Outlook password prompt.IMAP account settings. Password field

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