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The remote printing service is comprised of a set of print stations and a technology that lets users send a print request to any of those print stations after loading the appropriate driver onto their computer.



Users can send a print job to any of the print stations from their computer and/or mobile devices after installing the driver for the intended print station. They then can go to the print station, log in using their O-Key credentials, and find their print requests queued. They select the items they wish to print, and click print.


The drivers can be found at Select either ResLife-Remote-Print or for the Student Union use SU-Kiosk-Remote-Print-Queue.


Getting Started

Web Printing

  1. Go to (Note: If you are off-campus or in a Residence Hall you will need to be connected to the OSU VPN)

  2. Click the Print Center tab on the top and sign in with your O-Key Credentials.

  3. From this page, click the Upload button to upload the file(s) you want to print.

  4. Check the boxes next to the file(s) to make any changes to the Print Options, finally select the desired printer destination and click Print


Windows PCs

  1. Install the driver for the intended print station from The driver will connect the computer or device to the intended print station.

  2. "Print" the document(s) by selecting the new “printer” from your printer list.

  3. Retrieve your document(s) by going to the printer station you chose in Step 2 within six hours.

  4. Use your O-Key credentials to log into the print station.

  5. Select the document(s) you wish to print. (If you sent several documents to the print station, you will see a list of all of them in your account.)

  6. Click Print.


View setup instructions



Print stations are in the following locations:

Student Union

Living Areas




Black and White Prints are free across Campus.

Color Prints cost $0.10/page in the STW Library.


Available to

Students and employees

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