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Remote printing has to be setup on your computer before you can use the technology.  First you will have to install the "Popup and Notify" software. Then you will need to add the Popup printer queue to your computer.


If you are sending a print job from off campus (not connected to an OSU network), you will need to connect using the OSU VPN before printing the file.


  1. Go to and download "Pharos Popup and Notify"

  2. Review the ReadMe instructions and install the "Pharos Popup and Notify" application on your computer.

  3. Choose the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the Finder Desktop and select System Preferences from the menu that appears.

  4. On the System Preferences window, open the Print And Fax icon.

  5. Once the Print And Fax window appears, select the + option to add a new printer.

  6. On the next window that appears, hold down the Control key on the keyboard and click anywhere in the toolbar across the top of the window. From the context menu that appears select Customize Toolbar.

  7. On the Customization window that appears, drag the Advanced icon to the toolbar.

  8. Close the Customization window.

  9. Click the Advanced option in the toolbar.

  10. On the Advanced window, select Pharos Print Server from the Type popup button.

  11. In the section "Print Queue URLs by Location" below find the URL that corresponds to the location you would like to print. For example: popup://

  12. In the Name field, enter a name for the printer to be identified when printing to the device in applications on your Apple based computer.

  13. From the Print Using popup button, select the type of printer associated with the Popup queue or Generic PostScript Printer if the type of printer is not known or not available.

  14. Click the Add button.

  15. Check the Duplex option when prompted.

The new printer should now be setup and able to be used to send print jobs to the Print Metering stations on the OSU campus.

Print Queue URLs by Location

Direct print queues are sent immediately to the printer without logging into the Release Station. While Release Print Queues require release at the Release Station.

OSU Stillwater Campus

Location Queue type URL
Residential Life Buildings Release popup://
Student Union Direct popup://
Student Union Release popup://

OSU Tulsa Campus

Queue Type URL
Direct popup://
Direct popup://
Direct popup://
Release popup://


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