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Server Registration

Server Registration is a web application that allows for Information Technology (IT) personnel for Colleges and Departments to register servers on the IT network. IT Telecommunications will assign IP addresses to these servers and communicate that information back to the requester.



The Server Registration application allows individuals to request that their server be included onto the IT network. The requester will login to the application and “Add Server”. The requester will supply the primary and secondary owner information for the server, along with server host name, MAC address (optional), department, building and room where the server is housed, and operating system. The requester will also indicate any sensitive information that may be stored on the server (such as HIPAA, FERPA, or PII).


The application will produce a help ticket upon creation.  The help ticket will be received by IT Telecommunications for the purpose of assigning an IP address to the server. View access to these requests is maintained by IT Security. IT Security will have the ability to look up these servers and then verify if a security scan has been performed on the server.


It is intended that the application will be an application to facilitate the requesting of servers added to the IT network and better security tracking.


Getting Started

See the FAQ on using the Server Registration application. 


Available To


The following global groups supply access:

STW_IT_TELECOMMUNICATIONS_RW, STW_IT_Telecommunications (for Telecommunications personnel to assign IP addresses)

ALL_OSU_SYSTEM_EMPLOYEES, ALL_ANM_EMPLOYEES (users who can request servers be added)

STW_IT_SECURITY_ENGINEERING (for IT Security to view information for their reporting)




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