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What are Office 365 add-ins?

Office add-ins provide new features to Office applications and interact with the content.

Why are Office 365 add-ins important to OSU?

Office add-ins provide increased functionality that allows personalization, automation and interaction with content.

Why are office store add-ins disabled?

Add-ins need approval for access.


Products available for add-ins

Add-ins are available for the following products.

  • Excel

  • OneNote

  • Outlook

  • PowerPoint

  • Project

  • Visio

  • Word

Device types that support add-ins

Add-ins are available for several device types.

  • Office (Web)

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • iPad

  • Android devices

Getting Started

  1. View supported add-ins available using this link Supported Add-ins.

  2. View add-ins you currently have permission to. See frequently asked questions, how do I view Office 365 add-ins that I have permissions too.

  3. Request permissions to add-in's.  See frequently asked questions, how do I request permissions to an Office 365 add-in.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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