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Working Remotely Tips

Use a VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that provides privacy by encrypting your internet connection and keeps the user hidden while using the internet. Avoid always using public Wi-Fi and remember a VPN can be used anywhere at any time.  More information about OSU’s VPN service is available at OSUVPN | Oklahoma State University (

Secure your passwords

Make sure to secure your logins and workstations by creating a complex password. Never notify anyone what your passwords may be to any device and/or website, a multi-factor authentication (MFA) is preferred, and never use the same password for all logins.

Lock your devices

If remoting from home or having to work in a public location where others could end up affecting your work documents, remember it is important to keep all electronic devices locked when not in use.

Personal devices vs. work devices

Please use work devices only for work purposes, and please use personal devices for personal purposes. Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is an option for users who are working from home.  Using RDP to access a work system allows a user to remote into their workstation as if they’re working onsite.  This creates a separation from the user needing to access information on their work device, while keeping personal devices separated for personal use.  More information about OSU’s policies and recommendations involving RDP at Remote Access | Oklahoma State University (

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