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Advanced services refers to the additional options in the array of telephone services offered by Information Technology.


Automatic Call Distributor

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) manages high call volume to a particular number. The ACD distributes incoming calls to multiple office staff in a predetermined pattern.

Electronic Faxing

Electronic faxing is a fax method that simplifies sending, receiving, storing, forwarding, and printing fax messages from a computer instead of a standalone device. Staff who want this service will set up a RightFax or eFAX account through their departmental Key Advisor/Organizational Administrator.

NOTE:  Key Advisors/Organizational Administrators are selected departmental staff who manage transactions and requests between the departmental area and IT Telecommunications.


The mobility service gives users more options for answering incoming calls to their office phone. Mobility options include routing calls to a different landline, cell, or alternate phone. Other features include parallel ringing, call shedding, and scheduling.

Getting Started

Contact the OSU-IT Helpdesk for help with any of these services.

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