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  1. Contact the Institutional Review Board for approval when using humans for the research.

  2. Contact Institutional Research and Information Management to get a list of mail recipients. Please provide a week or more of notice.

  3. Start a support ticket by using this link Request Help.

  4. Provide the following information:

    1. The sending from email address.

    2. The reply to email address.

    3. If you need to send a test message, yes or no. If yes, provide send to email addresses.

    4. If you need to send a follow up message, yes or no.

      Note: You are only allowed to send one follow-up message.

  5. After the completing the form, Helpdesk will contact you. Send them the following attachments:

    1. OSU Communication approval letter

    2. IRIM generated list of email addresses

Example of Help Ticket

Example Help Ticket

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