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How to Connect:

How to Forget

    1. Chromebook

      1. Remove Credentials 
  • On the Taskbar (commonly located on the right), click “Internet access” . taskbar
  • Make sure that “Wi-Fi” is On and click eduroam.wifi page
  • Choose PEAP from the “EAP method” drop-down menu. Enter your O-Key email address (not your short username). Enter your O-Key password. Choose Use system certificates from the “CA certificate” drop-down menu. Type in: edu for the “Domain”.

system certificate page

  • After a few minutes your device will say “Connected” to eduroam.

Wifi connected page

  • Issues

    1. Chromebook

      1. Remove Credentials
        • On the Taskbar (commonly located on the right), click “Internet access”.


  • Click the arrow > within eduroam.

arrow button

  • Click “Forget”. Your device no longer remembers eduroam. Attempt to connect to eduroam again with the above instructions.

forget button


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