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Students, Staff, and Faculty of all OSU Institutions use the Eduroam WIFI Network to attain WIFI access. 

How to connect:

How to Forget

  • On your Apple device, go to the device “Settings” by clicking on the Settings icon.
  • settings page apple device
  • Open WIFI by clicking on the WIFI button
  • wifi page
  • On the next page, make certain that the WIFI is on.  The slider should be to the right.  Click the Eduroam button.
  • wifi is on and eduroam button page
  • Enter your O-Key Login Address ( into the Username field.
  • Enter your O-Key password into the Password field.
  • Press the Join button.
  • enter credentials page
  • Press the Trust button.
  • Use acceptance and trust button page
  • After a few minutes your device should say, “Connected to Eduroam".



To remove your O-Key credentials from the Eduroam Wi-Fi Network, please use the following instructions to do a Forget Network.


  • On your Apple device, go to the device “Settings" Icon and press it.

settings icon page apple


  • On the Settings page, open “Wi-Fi by pressing the Wi-Fi button.

wifi button page


  • In the eduroam area, open “Information” by pressing the (i) Icon.  (Make certain that the slider is to the right.  

information icon page


  • On the Wi-Fi page, press the "Forget This Network” button.

forget this network page


  • In the message box that opens, press the “Forget” button.

forget button page


  • Your device no longer remembers the O-Key credentials that were cached for Eduroam.  Attempt to connect to Eduroam again by logging into Eduroam with your O-Key credentials.  If necessary, press here  to find instructions on how to connect to the Eduroam Wi-Wi Network using your Apple device.
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