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Hiri is a commercial product in versions for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.  This document is for the Linux version.  In this example, the OS used is Ubuntu.  While installation methods may vary depending on what Linux version is being run, the core information on setting up the installed software to work with Cowboy Mail should be the same.


If you plan on using Hiri as a permanent Linux client, please email or call 405-744-4357 so we may purchase a client for your use.

  1. Using your preferred browser (in this example, Firefox is used) in Linux, visit This allows you download a 7-day trial. 

    Click the “Download” link for Linux shown boxed in in red:Hiri download page screenshot

  2. A dialog box will appear stating that “You have chosen to open: Hiri.tar.gz"Firefox download dialog. What should Firefox do with this file? Open with: Archive Manager.

  3. Clicking “Ok” here will open the Archive Manager, where you will see the following:Archive Manager screenshot

  4. Click “Extract”. Here, we are choosing to extract to the Downloads, but you may wish to choose a different folder for convenience.Archive Manager selection an extract location

  5. Once it is extracted, we can launch it using a terminal window.

    1. Click "Show Applications"Screenshot showing Unity's application launcher

    2. Click "Terminal"Activities Application selector

    3. Click Terminal

  6. In the terminal, type "cd Downloads/hiri_1.4.0.5" and hit enter, then type "./" and hit Enter again. Note that for both commands, it is case-sensitive. Also, the folder name in Downloads may vary depending on the version number you have downloaded.Linux terminal executing the installer command

  7. Now it’s time to enter your email information for Cowboy Mail.  Enter your Cowboy Mail email address  and click “Next Step”Hiri application screenshot. "Let's add an account"

  8. It will then take you to our sign-in page with your email address filled in. Enter your O-Key password.O-Key Login screen

  9. If you have multifactor authentication, it will ask to call or send a push. multi-factor authentication step for O-Key

  10. The software will request permissions:Permissions Requested - Hiri

  11. A welcome screen (not pictured) with some additional information will appear. At the end, click the “Let’s go!” button.Hiri Welcome screen

  12. The Inbox will appear, and the “Getting your emails” counter may continue to increment for some time before reaching 100%. However, you may now start using Hiri.

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