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Microsoft Office 365, branded as "Cowboy Mail" is the email system used by OSU students, faculty, and staff. Microsoft Office 365 also includes access to other Microsoft applications and services.


OSU email addresses always end in “” and are where university communications are sent. Users may also access other Microsoft® Office 365™ services like Word or PowerPoint. Students retain their “” email address after graduation.

Getting Started

  1. To access Cowboy Mail, visit

  2. Enter your OSU Email address.The sign-in screen for cowboy mail where you input your email address.

  3. After typing in your email address, you will be prompted for a password.The sign-in screen for cowboy mail where you input your password.

  4. If you have multi-factor authentication enabled on your account, you may be prompted with this screen before advancing. Choose your preferred authentication method to verify your identity.
    The multi-factor authentication form that tries to confirm your identity.

  5.  You will now be signed into your Cowboy Mail account.


Available to

Role Stillwater

External Email Warning

OSU Enterprise IT has switched to the new Microsoft “First Contact Safety Tip” Banner for external emails, doing away with the former email banner below:

New Warning 

The new banner will be more intelligent, helping to identify spam by showing the full sending email address on most clients if you have not received correspondence from the address previously. It will also not show for external senders with whom you regularly correspond.

The new banner can be seen below:


If you believe this message is Spam or a Phishing Attempt, please forward the email to for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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