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Beginning on May 5th, 2023, recipient rate settings will limit the number of emails an individual can send from their Office365 mailbox. 


What groups are affected by the limits?

Students who have applied, or are admitted but not enrolled.

  • 50 internal recipients per hour. 

  • 50 external recipients per hour. 

  • 500 recipients per day.


Students, alumni, and retirees without an employee role. 

  • 250 internal recipients per hour. 

  • 250 external recipients per hour. 

  • 600 recipients per day.


Current Employees and Mail Enabled Service accounts for all campuses


Why are these limits in place?   

The limits will reduce the impact and spread of credential harvesting and phishing attacks. 


What happens if I exceed one of the limits?   

If an individual sends an email that would put them over one of their limits, the email will fail to deliver to all recipients.  

Their account would be restricted from sending mail until reviewed by an Administrator.  

An alert will be sent to IT Security to review. 

Logins for your account may be blocked if the sent emails are deemed malicious.


What should I do if my account is restricted due to exceeding one of the limits? 

You can contact the Helpdesk at or 405-744-4357. 

If logins for your account are blocked, you may receive further instructions for account recovery. 


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