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What is LISTSERV mailing lists?

LISTSERV mailing lists are a way to distribute emails to a large number of recipients.

Why are LISTSERV mailing lists important to OSU?

LISTSERV provides a variety of meaningful ways to share information.


Types of mailing lists

  1. One-way Announcements Lists

    This list type is where subscribers only receive information and do not interact.

  2. Two-way Discussion Lists

    This list type is where subscribers can interact.
    This list type is Moderated by the Editor

Getting Started

  1. Visit LISTSERV website

  2. Create a LISTSERV account. See frequently asked questions, how do I create a LISTSERV account.

  3. See frequently asked questions to start creating, subscribing and managing lists.

Available to

Role Stillwater
Student (for research announcement only)

Frequently Asked Questions


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