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Information Technology

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  1. Visit

  2. Sign in using the Log In button in the top right of the screen.

    Login required, LISTSERV login page

  3. Once you’ve logged in, click List Management on the left to expand the menu and then click List Configuration.
    LISTSERV List Configuration

  4. On the next page at the top, click the Select List drop down to see all lists you’re able to manage.
    LISTSERV Configuration

  5. After selecting a list, the lower half of the page will populate the list’s info. Click on the Administrators tab. To view current editors, look in the ‘Editor=’ text box.List Maintenance Setting

  6. You can add, edit, or remove e-mail addresses in the text box. List each address on a separate line.

  7. When you have finished making changes, scroll down and click the Save button in the bottom right corner.

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