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  • If you are one of the data recipients of a data request, please follow the link emailed to you.  You will want to log into Data Release ( and enter the Homepage.
  • In the submitted request section, you will find the submitted request ID emailed to you. Click the ‘Sign’ link for this submitted request.  Doing so will allow you to see the Sign Confidentiality Statement form.
  • In this form, you will read and sign the confidentiality statement provided.  To be able to proceed with your data request, you must choose ‘Agree’ and ‘Submit’.  After clicking submit, in the Homepage of Data Release, the confidentiality link for your submitted request will change to ‘signed’.

Data Release confidentiality staement.


  • When the confidentiality statement has been signed by all data recipients of the same data request, emails will be sent to the data request approvers who are associated with any regulated data and or data systems in your data request.


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