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Using O-Key, students can create groups in Microsoft teams. To administrate the group please use for maintaining team members.

  1. Login to your account:
    1. O-Key

    2. C-Key

    3. Gold Key

    4. Aggie Access

    5. Lion Key

  2. From your profile page, click "Microsoft Groups" from the left-hand side of the page.

  3. Select: Create a new group as a Student

  4. Select "Campus that the group will be associated with". You will only be able to select a campus in which you have active roles.

  5. Enter Group name only using capitol and lowercase letters A through Z (a-z A-Z), numbers, and underscores (_). A group name cannot be reused even if expired and you owned it. A student group will always have a campus code prefix (like "OSU") followed by "_SG_".

  6. Enter Email addresses of at least two users into group owners. One address per line. An owner must be in the members group. An admistrative account will always be included as an owner.

  7. Enter Expiration date will automatically be set to a date shortly after the end of the current semester with a grace period. Please note following limitations for groups:

    • If the current semester is ending soon, you will not be able to create a group.

    • an expiration date cannot be extended.

    • When a group expires, it will be deleted. All contents associated with a group will be permanently deleted: conversations, emails, files, site content, channels, apps, etc.

  8. Finish the process by clicking the "Create Group" button. It may take up to 24 before all functionality is enabled.

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