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Microsoft Teams is the center piece for collaboration in Office 365.  Microsoft Teams offers services for chat, audio and video meetings, and collaborative file sharing.  Microsoft Teams integrates with the Office 365 subscription applications and other products via extensions. Watch an introduction video to Microsoft Teams.

Why is Microsoft Teams important to OSU?

Microsoft Teams provides staff, faculty and students with the tools needed to come together, stay engaged, organized and keep communications and information moving to accomplish more.


What can Teams do?

Teams are groups where faculty, students and guests can communicate, collaborate, and share in real-time. Teams are private and limited to members. To create a team at this time you need to use O-Key. Below are some of Team's features.



Channels are dedicated areas of content in a team to help keep things organized. Channels can be either standard or private. Standard channels are open to all members of the team. Private channels are limited to certain members of the team.


Chat and Collaboration

Chat can range from one-on-one messages to group messages with collaboration through the ability to access, share, and edit files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Watch a video about starting and pinning chats.


Meeting and Calling

Meetings can be over audio or video and allows meeting from any place. Meetings allow for sharing screens and can be recorded. Watch a video on how to join meetings.



Microsoft Teams data is encrypted at rest and in transit. This in turn makes it more difficult for hackers to listen or intercept your work.

Getting Started

  1. Teams license is provided when O-Key account is provisioned. A current role is required to retain access. If you receive a message “You’re missing out! Ask your admin to enable..” see the FAQ ‘How do I enable Teams?’

  2. Use Microsoft Teams by using either the web client or desktop client.

    1. To use the Web Client go to

    2. To use Desktop Client see the FAQ below 'How do I use Teams desktop client?'

  3. Create a Team by creating a Microsoft Group in O-key. Teams are based on Microsoft Groups. See FAQ 'How do I create a new team'.

Available to

Role Stillwater


Teams guest access gives people outside the organization access to teams and channels.


Frequently Asked Questions








Manage Team Groups


Restore Changes


Data Privacy

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