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Joining a meeting

To join a scheduled meeting within Teams, click the Calendar icon on the left.
Team's Calneder Icon


Click the meeting on your calendar to open the details. Click “Join” in the top right to enter the waiting room.


Waiting Room

When joining a scheduled meeting in Teams, you will be prompted with a waiting room screen. While in the waiting room, you can choose to enable/disable your Webcam, Background Blur, and Microphone.
waiting room


You will also be given other join options, such as disabling audio.
Other options


After making the appropriate selections, click the “Join now” button.


In a meeting

When you join a meeting, you are given various options. From left to right these icons are:
In meeting options

  • Camera toggle
  • Mute toggle
  • Share
  • More actions
  • Show conversation
  • Show participants
  • Hang up



When clicking the Share icon, you are provided many options.

  • Share Desktop – This will share your entire Desktop, including any open windows on the Desktop.
  • Share Window – This will share a specific Window only. Other windows will not be shown
  • Share PowerPoint – This will display a PowerPoint to everybody in the meeting to look at in real time.
  • Share Whiteboard – This is an interactive virtual Whiteboard.


Add Additional Members

To add additional users to the meeting, click the show participants icon in taskbar. Search for the desired user and invite them to join the meeting.

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