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As of the 3.17 version of Duo, when you open the Duo app in your Mobile device you may see information stating New Feature Available, “Duo Restore makes it easy to get Duo working when you get a new phone.”

You will have two options that you may choose from: Maybe Later and Enable Now.

If you click on Enable Now follow the prompts to enable Duo Restore and back up your Duo security data to Google Drive out on the cloud.  You will need to have a account set up on your device already, or you can set one up. 

  1. Tap on Enable Now.
  2. Tap on a Gmail account if one is shown on the next page. If a Gmail account is not shown on the page you will be prompted to add one. 
  3. Once you have chosen a Gmail account, the next page will ask if you wish to let Duo use some features on your device (i.e. the camera). Choose Allow.   
  4. You should then be told that you have successfully backed up your Duo security data to Google drive.

If you choose Maybe Later you can use Duo without using the Restore feature.   You will be presented with a screen that tells you that you can set up Duo Restore in the future from the Settings area of the Duo App.  Once you click on Maybe Later, you should not be presented with the Duo Restore prompt again when you open up Duo on your Mobile device. 

NOTE: if you need to place the Duo App onto your mobile device click on the following link to get instructions for installing the Duo App. 


Requested Steps:

If you had to do a new install or reinstall of Duo onto your mobile device:

  1. Open the Duo App on your Mobile device.
  2. You may see (New To Duo, Get Started and Used Duo Before, Get My Account Back).

If new to Duo, tap on New To Duo, Get Started. 

  1. To locate instructions on how to set up devices on the Duo portal click on the following link.

If you have used Duo Before, and have already enabled Duo Restore, tap or click on Used Duo Before, Get My Account Back.

  1. Tap on an existing Gmail account if one exists or add a new account.
  2. You will see a screen that say’s Okay, Got It. Click on Okay, Got It.
  3. The next screen should state Almost Done and say Okay, Got it. Click on Okay, Got It.
  4. Go back to the Duo App home page on your mobile device. You should see Get Working.
  5. Tap on Get Working.
  6. Tap on the Continue To Log In button.
  7. Use your O-Key credentials to log in. On the next page you will need to activate your mobile device.
    1. Click on the Call Me button and follow the voice prompts when you answer the call. You will go through this process twice to get to the My Settings and Devices page. 
    2. Once you have authenticated to the My Settings and Devices page tap on the blue Device Options button to the right of the mobile device shown on that page.
    3. Click on the Activate Duo mobile button.
    4. Click on the I Have Duo Mobile Installed button.
    5. Click the Continue button.
    6. Tap on the activation email link that is on the next page to send an activation email.
      1. You may enter the email address that you want the activation link sent to.
    7. Open the email when it gets to your email client.
    8. Tap the activation link in the activation email.
    9. The Duo account on your Duo App will activate and should now be synced to the Duo device on the Duo portal.
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