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The Personal Asset Inventory (PAI) application is used to register personal items with the OSU Police department. The Home page shows the logged in user, along with their email and role (employee status or student). Also, any existing registered items are listed, along with options to edit or delete the item.




If your valuable belongings should be lost or stolen, having key information increases the chances that you’ll get them back. The Oklahoma State University Police Department is partnering with Information Technology to provide an electronic record-keeping system for OSU students and employees.


Use this system to enter the make/brand and serial number for computers, technology, bicycles and other belongings that could be lost or stolen. When entering information, remember the serial number or IMEI number (on cellphones) is a unique number assigned to that item. Be careful not to confuse it with a model number, which is the same across all items of the same model.


Photos may help if the item is lost or stolen, but they’re not required for this system. Add, edit or delete items at any time while you’re an active OSU student or employee. If you leave the university without deleting your data, it will be automatically removed within 30 days of your status change.


Getting Started

You may locate the Personal Asset Inventory page at: Go to, under quick links, click on the Personal Asset Inventory link.  The direct URL is 


In the Personal Asset Inventory(PAI) page use the FAQ's to see information on how to use PAI.


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