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What is Rave Guardian?

Use Rave Guardian to chat with the OSUPD to send in crime or suspicious activity tips or call their non-emergency line. If you have an emergency, dial 911.

Getting Started

A user can log download the Rave Guardian app from the Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone\iPad.

Setup Instructions

The step-by-step instructions include directions for both new Rave Guardian users and existing users.

The general steps are:

  1. After downloading and installing Rave Guardian, open the app on your device.

  2. When the app opens, enter your cell number in the space provided. Format: (000) 000-0000

  3. Choose where your organization is: The options are U.S., Canada, Other

  4. Click Continue.

  5. A verification code will be texted to the cell number you placed into the app.

  6. Find the text and the verification code.

  7. Enter the verification code into the field provided.

  8. Click Continue.

  9. You may be asked to enter your organization email (for OSU students, staff, and faculty that have an activated account, enter your email address).

  10. A verification code will be emailed to the email address you placed into the app.

  11. Enter the verification code into the space provided in the app.

Available to


  • Oklahoma State University Stillwater

  • Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (Okmulgee)

  • Oklahoma State University Tulsa

  • Oklahoma State University Center For Health Sciences


  • Faculty

  • Staff

  • Students

  • Associates

  • Alumni

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I setup Rave Guardian?


What are the features of Rave Guardian?


What does it mean if I see an Exclamation Mark icon on the Home page of Rave Guardian?

The exclamation mark icon typically means that you chose ‘Only while using this App’ on the Locations Sharing page when setting up the app on your device


On the home page, what does the icon that looks like a box with an up arrow do?

This icon opens an activities page that provisions abilities to:

  • Mail – set up an email client.

  • Add To Notes – create notes to your device notebook.   

  • Copy – click this button to copy data.

  • Save To Files – Choose a location to add items to as a .txt file. 

If I get a new device or lose the Guardian App on my current device how do I get the app back?

Click here to view the instructions on how to re-load the app to your device.

During Rave Guardian Setup, when I put my phone number in and complete the setup, Rave Guardian says that I am someone else.

It must be determined if the phone number entered into Rave Guardian is stored in your OSU IDMS Account/Campus Alerts/Rave Mobility page correctly.  Contact the IT Helpdesk at 405-744-4357 or  Provide the exact phone number entered into Rave Guardian, your full name, and your Banner ID for research purposes.

I set up Rave Guardian for my campus. When visiting another OSU/A&M campus, how do I switch to that campus so I can contact safety officials at that campus?

When you are in the application, click on the Settings icon (looks like a gear).

Click on Sites.

Choose a campus from the list of configured campuses.  Campus administrators may not have configured all campuses.

Click the Save button. 

You will see the “Is This You” page again. 

Click the Yes button. 

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