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The following instructions will detail how to activate a “Wireless MAC” Service Account. Either the Primary or Secondary Owner(s) can perform these actions.

  • As an assigned Owner of the Service Account, you will access your personal O-Key profile via If asked, please confirm your emergency contact information.
  • From within your O-key profile, click on “Service Accounts” on the left pane.
  • Choose the appropriate Service Account listed by clicking on the “Activate” link in the Activate/Modify column.
  • From the resulting “Password” form, note that the password is automatically populated. This is by design and should not be changed. Passwords for WirelessMAC Service Accounts do not expire. Click on the Next button.
  • The next page is the WirelessMAC Account Profile. This indicates that you have successfully completed the wizard. The Profile will list all information pertaining to that Service Account.
  • Please note that a Secondary Owner is required for all Service Accounts. Take the opportunity at this time to add one, if one does not exist.
  • Your account will be populated into the necessary O-Key Global Group during daily processing that will grant access to the OSUREGISTERED wireless network. Your device should be able to access OSUREGISTERED after 10am the following business day.


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