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Service accounts are requested on behalf of account owners by departmental ITC’s or local support representatives that have access to O-Key Administrator. The process is described below. Please contact the OSU Stillwater IT Helpdesk should you require further assistance. Multiple Long Term Visitor accounts can be requested with a spreadsheet.

  • The O-Key Administrator will authenticate to
  • Click on the “Request Service Account” link.
  • Click the “Service Account Request” link or the “Long Term Visitor Service Account Multiple Request” link.
  • Choose the following service account information.
  • Service Account Type
    • Mail Enabled
    • Application
    • Kiosk
    • Reserved UID
    • Resource Room (conference rooms, classrooms, etc)
    • Long Term Visitor
    • WirelessMac
    • Resource Equipment (vans, cars, pike passes, etc)
    • LDAP Only
  • Capacity (this field is required only for Resource service accounts). If the resource is a room, the capacity would be how many people can fit in the room. If the resource is equipment, such as a car, the capacity would be how many people can fit in the car. If the resource is equipment, such as a pike pass, the capacity would be zero.)
  • Service Account UID (Not required for WirelessMac accounts)
  • Desired AD Username (The default email address for a service account, if applicable, is (for example, However, this may be modified during the activation process if the account owner wishes to do so.
  • Begin Date (this is the date that the account can be activated and used)
  • End Date (one year from begin date maximum)
  • Owner’s Name
  • Owner’s AD Username
  • Owner’s Department
  • Secondary Owner’s Name
  • Secondary Owner’s AD Username
  • Requestor’s Name (ITC or Local Support Rep)
  • Requestor’s Department
  • Requestor’s Phone
  • Service Account Description
  • Detailed Usage Info (a more detailed description of the account purpose)
  • Click on Submit
  • An email will be delivered to, which will automatically generate a Support Incident Ticket.
  • Once the account has been created, the requestor will be contacted.
  • The service account will need to be activated by the account owner.
  • Once activated, the service account is ready for use.


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