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Before following the installation directions, please verify your computer fits the necessary specifications for Windows 11 at If you are currently using Windows 10, you can also use the PC Health Check at to check to see if your computer can upgrade to Windows 11. You can access the Windows 11 On-Campus/Domain software by logging into the Software Distribution Center (SDC) at using your O-Key account credentials. Windows 11 On-Campus/Domain software currently on the SDC is an upgrade only copy.


If you are installing Windows 11 on a university computer, and if your computer can upgrade to Windows 11 then the upgrade will be available in your Software Center application. See the steps posted at the Windows 11 Deployment page.



Directions on how to install Windows 11 from the Software Distribution Center (SDC):

NOTE: Visit this URL for specific details about Windows 11.

  1. Download and save the files from the Software Distribution Center (SDC) to your desktop.
  2. Right click the downloaded 'zip archive' file saved on your desktop and click 'extract all'.
  3. In the newly created folder, double-click the application file named 'setup' or 'setup.exe'.
  4. Follow the installation prompts in the setup process to install the software.
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