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To be eligible for an OSU Identification Card on the OSU Stillwater or OSU Tulsa campus you must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled or Current Student

  • Active Faculty

  • Active Staff

  • Affiliate Employee


  1. Upload your photo to the GET application. Photo Submissions are subject to the Photo Requirements.

    1. You can upload your photo to the GET app on your phone or to the web interface using the directions below



    2. Once you upload your photo, your photo will need to be approved by an Administrator.

  2. When your picture is approved, go to one of the ID Card stations to obtain your OSU Identification Card.

    1. ID Card station locations can be found at


The criteria of how ID cards are issued are listed here.

  • Checking out items from the library

  • Making purchases on campus

  • Entering controlled-access doors, if authorized

  • Entering the Colvin Recreation Center

  • Riding the off-campus bus within Stillwater

Additional information regarding ID Services Policies, can be found here.

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