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Oklahoma State University

Orange Key (O-Key) Account


Orange Key (O-Key) makes managing identity and access to services possible. O-Key provides each person with a formal affiliation with OSU a single secure user ID and password.


End-users use O-Key to

  • Reset passwords every 120 days
  • Set up email
  • Set up confidential contacts in case of an emergency
  • Sign up for Campus Alerts - users can receive the alerts about emergencies on campus via a voice message and/or text
  • Students use O-Key to select or change their preferred email delivery system - Cowboy Mail or Orange Mail.

O-Key administrators use O-Key to

  • Determine access to university services
  • Create service accounts
  • Manage identity issues
  • Other administrative functions



Getting Started

If you are new to Oklahoma State, you will activate your O-Key account as a first order of business.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the area in the topmost section – labeled New Users - O-KEY Activation to open the activation function.
  3. Follow the prompts for information. When asked for a Social Security Number (SSN), International students should enter the last five digits of the substitute SSN provided by the International Students and Scholars Office.
  4. When you are asked to enter a PIN number, you should be able to find it in an email from Registrar’s Office (students) or the Human Resources department (employees).

See more information at How do I activate my Orange Key (O-Key) account?